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ChOcHa's Rule The World-It ain't Hard To Tell 


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 I am the founder of Ch0cHa GuRl Publishing, a publishing business in the United States. We specialize in publishing entertainers that support the empowerment of women. We are passionate about providing music and talent that inspire and motivate women to take charge of their lives and make the most of their potential. Our music is written by composers  from diverse backgrounds, and they feature topics such as relationships, career, health, and lifestyle. Our goal is to create a supportive community by providing resources and knowledge to help women reach their goals. We are committed to making sure our music is of the highest quality so that our listeners can have access to information that can help them make informed decisions. We also strive to provide our listeners with an enjoyable listening experience. We have a experienced team of editors and designers who ensure that our music is well-written, visually appealing, and up to date. We are proud of our selection of talented artist and hope that they can help our listeners to reach their dreams. Chocha Gurl is a Newyork/New Jersey native, Caribbean bloodline brand. My responsibility’s artist management & signed aspiring music artist development. I’m a real lyrical freestyle rapper. Put me in a arena it’s 0n. My most talented gifts are holistic healing in tropical herbs. I know what herbs work. I know it’s origin & complete definition of healing properties. I am a pure blood descendant of the tropical peoples in the Caribbean. If I share what I know? It’s because I truly care. In above section links, you can book to have a personal hair consultation to meet your unique hair needs. You can also purchase a bottle of Nuu-Borne hair serum. The herbs in Nuu-Borne are so powerful it will grow your hair. It's designed for all hair types. I’m a online brand ambassador, content creator & partner on many major platforms. I’m a artist & public speaker. I am also partnered with Amazon. The Amazon store's website is in a link icon above. I’m licensed through HFA. I’m also with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC & UMG. I give the utmost respect & professionalism. I’m glad we can have a place to learn from each other & sharing in our abundant self-knowledge. I do not at all worship myself, my name or cash. Nor do I plan on spending my whole life chasing it. I look forward to GOD’s kingdom. I give my whole self to GOD my creator, my heavenly daddy. I worship GOD The Almighty 1st in everything that I do, always & 4ever more! Please beware my music is for entertainment purposes only. If you ever request to have my Cash App it’s {$ChOcHaGuRl}. I’m on every other social media platform under my brand’s name {ChochaGurl}. My GOD promised to never forsake me. He promises me that even if mankind does, he never will. To GOD be all the glory & good grace amen! I love you rather I know you or not. I Love you because you read my bio. Thank you all God bless!

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good music is a train ride to the soul.


Spend each moment like it's your last. You can't rewrite time. Once it goes you cannot get it back again.

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